How to add tost notification in blogger website

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Tost Notification for Blogger is a great add-on for blogger. It adds a notification box to your blog, which keeps the visitors updated about your latest posts or any other messages or events that you want to update your visitors about.  

Notifications are very important in blogs. It can be very useful for the reader. In this blog, we will look at tost notification and blogger notification and how we can add tost notification in blogger website.  

Adding tost notification in blogger website is easy and interesting.Simple tost notification in blogger website can be easily added by adding a number of html tags in the head section of the blogger website.  

Before we understand how to add tost notification to blogger website, one should know that tost is a full-screen notification for mobile users that appears with options and does not have any close button.   

This notification is generally used to provide update on latest blog post or to provide the reader with any kind of important information.   

How to add tost notification in blogger website -

It is generally considered that tost notification is less disturbing and more effective than regular pop-up ads.  

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