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You probably release a newsletter with your content but how to get your readers to subscribe to this newsletter? By adding a floating subscribe button you are allowing readers to subscribe to your newsletter simply by scrolling down the page.  

Cookie based floating subscribe button Blogger  

Here is a blog about how to add a cookie based floating subscribe button to your blogger blog.  

Ever wondered how to include subscribe buttons in a blog post? If you have and you are using blogger, then you should try the cookie based subscribe button. All you need to do is include the following code in your blog post.   

The subscribe button will appear and the readers who want to subscribe just need to click on the button. The subscribe button will appear at the end of the blog post for the readers.  

Gmail just introduced a new layout for its users. It is now more attractive and easier to use. It also has new features you will enjoy. It has a pre-loading feature that will allow users to see their emails before they open them.  

It also has a floating subscribe button that allows subscribers to subscribe to your newsletters without even leaving your Gmail inbox. This floating subscribe button allows you to grow your email list. This is a great new feature. Read the blog below to see how you can use your floating subscribe button.  

Floating Button Code  

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