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In this blog I am going to tell you about how we can add confirmation dialog box in blogger/blogspot website.

Blog Post:  In some cases we need to ask for confirmation from visitor before proceeding further. Example of such type of confirmation is the one in the form of "are you sure you want to delete this record".  

Whenever we try to delete a record from database, it always asks for confirmation and gives an option to cancel the deletion.  

For example:
In the above case when we try to delete the record "Username required in comments" then it prompt a dialog.  

Blogger/Blogspot is quite an easy to use blogging platform. It is very user-friendly. It becomes even more useful, if you can perform some little changes here and there. One of them is adding confirmation dialog box, before you publish the blog.   

For example, if you add confirmation dialog box, then the user must read and agree with the terms and conditions of your blog, before he publishes his blog.  

How to create dialog box on blogger |

Blogger platform is a free blogging platform from Google. It is one of the easiest and most powerful blogging platform available. For beginners, it is a very useful platform. Most of the new bloggers begin the journey on this platform.  

Almost all the bloggers on the Blogger platform want to know that how to add a Confirmation Dialog Box in their Blogspot website. In this blog, we will see how to use this Confirmation Dialog Box in our Blogspot website.  

Blogger/Blogspot blogger user can easily add confirmation dialog box to their website easily using this procedure. Just follow step by step procedure and add confirmation dialog box.  

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